「CRICKET 22」#8(「CAREER」6: プレスカンファレンス)

「CRICKET 22」のご紹介の続きです。


「England One Day Plate winners – how does it feel?」
-「It feels amazing, all our hard work paid off.」
-「It feels like a lot of work for a moment of glory, frankly.」
-「It feels like… destiny.」
-「Do you know of any good publishers? I’ve got biography rights to sell after this win.」

「What do you put the team’s success down to?」
-「We play for each other and just want to go out have fun.」
-「We have one of the deepest squads of players out there, and it gives you a lot of confidence to play your game when you’ve got that backing you up.」
-「There’s this juice I’ve been importing, made from plants deep in the tropical rainforest. It helps performance. I’ll sell you a few bottles if you’d like?」

「Where to from here?」
-「After party?」
-「I’ll be talking to the coach and management about my wages.」
-「Back to the nets. We’re going to be expected to win next time now!」
-「Will you let me enjoy the win for even a second here? I haven’t even thought about what’s coming next.」

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